C.R.U.A.C. (Cambuslang, Rutherglen Unemployed Art Club) was formed in 1997. The club rose from the ashes of a council sponsored art class that met at two venues, The Circuit Hall, Cambuslang and The Huts in Rutherglen. The classes were discontinued following withdrawal of funding due to local authority financial cut backs.

Following discussion a decision was reached to investigate the possibility of obtaining grants, both from the local council and other sources, this would allow the group to continue as an independent entity that could employ their own tutor and expand their activities.

Since those early days C.R.U.A.C. has emerged as one of the foremost art groups in the area and now has a membership of over 50 people all anxious to improve their talents and technique.

After a lengthy spell meeting in `The Huts' the club has now moved to more spacious premises at Spittal Hall.

Like most clubs abilities vary. Some are extremely talented, others less so but never- the- less a relaxed atmosphere prevails and, with the help of the club tutor, talents flourish. All art mediums are employed including, Watercolour, Acrylic, Oils and Pastels, everybody is free to do their own thing. Talents are displayed at successful exhibitions held in Rutherglen Library. Many recent recruits have been inspired to try their hand following viewing visits to these exhibitions

A highlight of the year is the annual day out when members have the opportunity to test their mettle by painting outdoors although, some prefer to enjoy the sights and take photographs for painting later, either at home, or back at the Club. To date members have enjoyed visits to, Anstruther, Loch Lomond and Helensburgh, Killin and Ayr.

C.R.U.A.C. has also been successful in obtaining lottery funding. This has enabled the purchase of art materials, tables, computers and miscellaneous equipment for the benefit of members.

The club meets on a Friday morning between the hours of 10am-1pm and is open to anyone regardless of age. Now well established and having enjoyed a decade of success C.R.U.A.C. looks forward to a prosperous and colourful future. (Pardon the pun).